With passion and precision we deploy
our state-of-art process technologies
for customers worldwide

Since 2006, Sequoia has completed several projects in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Sequoia delivers recycling and biofuel production solutions that provide a superior return on investment. With our state-of-the-art proprietary process technologies, we deliver value from project concept to startup.



Used Oil Re-refining

Sequoia’s process technology
for re-refining used lubricating oils
is based on distillation, adsorption
and hydrotreating processes.



The design goal is production of Group II or Group III base oil from feedstock such as solvent neutral (Group 1) base stocks, vacuum gas oils distilled from crude or used oils.


Antifreeze Recycling

Sequoia’s process technology
for coolant (antifreeze) recycling
is based on vacuum distillation.
It produces distilled water and
> 95% pure glycols from
waste coolants.


Wastewater Processing by Vapor Compression

Disposal of wastewater can be costly for many utilities, oil & gas fields, refineries, and recyclers. Some wastewater contain high total dissolved solids (TDS) including chlorides. Sequoia’s evaporation technology incorporating vapor compression helps in separating purer water from contaminants to produce boiler-feed quality water.


Oil Purification by Bauxite

The purification plant
operates in two steps viz.
first step is purification of oil by adsorption and
second step involves regeneration of saturated adsorbent.

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