Oil Purification by Bauxite

Sequoia’s Regenerative Adsorption system improves the quality of distilled lube oil. Specifically, oxidation stability, color, viscosity index are improved. Substantially all of the metal impurities, phosphorus, silicon and partially sulfur present in recovered lube stock are removed.

The purification plant operates in two steps viz. first step is purification of oil by adsorption for improving its quality as described above while the second step involves regeneration of saturated adsorbent so it can be used again for next adsorption cycle. The plant operates in adsorption and regeneration cycles in sequence.

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Technology & Engineering

  • Ideal for Capacities ≤ 15000 tons/year
  • Purification of oil by adsorption for stable clear product
  • Reduction in sulfur, increase in viscosity index and oxidation stability
  • Bauxite is regenerated in-situ by thermal oxidation

Delivery &

  • Supply of complete engineering & equipment
  • Modular design
  • Expertise in delivery from conception to start-up
  • In-house pilot plant for validation of design


  • Variable Cost – $10-15 per m3 (US$ 0.03 per gallon) of oil (Utilities & Chemicals)
  • Direct labour- 1 person per shift
  • Adsorption Plant for 10000 m3/year oil (2.5 million gallons/y) fits in 40 m2(450 ft2)
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