Antifreeze Recycling

Sequoia’s technology for
Antifreeze recycling

Sequoia’s process technology for coolant (antifreeze) recycling is based on vacuum distillation. It produces distilled water and >95% pure glycols from waste coolants. Approximately 3-10% residue is produced. The residue contains trace amount of oil, spent additives and sludge present in the spent antifreeze.

The distillation plant may be installed onsite or offsite. Sequoia will manufacture completely modular units which can be easily commissioned at customer site. The modules consist of the process equipment, supporting steel structure, inter-connecting pipes. We will also supply all the necessary instruments and state of the art control system for operating the plant safely and efficiently. Just one person is required to operate the plant. Though the plant can operate 24/7 for 8000 hours per year, it can be started and shut down very quickly, even daily.

The plants are designed for 30-1200 gallon/hour (115-4500 liter/hour) throughput. The plant will require 1500 ft² (140 m²) area including the utilities (boiler and cooling tower) and a small control room. Tanks are extra. Heat recovery processes are incorporated into the process, making Sequoia’s coolant recycling process very energy efficient.



  • Modular design 8’ X 10’ X 26’ H
  • Low installation costs and indoor or outdoor installation
  • Stainless steel wetted parts
  • Meets codes by ASME (vessels, piping), API (safety valves), ANSI (pumps)

Operation & Maintenance

  • Lower water disposal cost
  • Automated, less chance of errors
  • No chemicals or sludge produced by them
  • Sell products in premium markets
  • Operate continuously for 350+ a year or shutdown daily
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